Capice is meant for every business size – from startup to large enterprise.

Our goal is to bring this revolutionary technology to everyone in an easy and scalable way.

Proof of Concept

Determine at ultra-low cost if a model will solve your business problem.


Immediately available, low cost, production-ready classification and prediction.


High volume classification and prediction at a reasonable cost that will be sold to others.

Enterprise Unlimited

For one or more business units, without the need to build a Machine Learning Center of Excellence

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Gordon McDonald is the founder and CEO of Capice.  A veteran pro with forty years in IT spanning a dozen companies. Focused on software product development, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and enterprise-class application creation. Gordon is now the driving force behind – an open Deep Learning platform for anyone to easily create high quality models, share models in the community and use models for machine learning classification.



John Omahen has delivered solutions for over 40 years that increased revenue and decreased cost on the scale of millions. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to any endeavor: from implementing commercial applications of the Carnegie Melon Robotics program in the early 80s; to working with George Lucas; and to more recently developing Machine Learning solutions that positively impacted oncology, reduced fraud, and helped address world poverty with World Vision. John leads the services arm of Capice including consulting on data analysis and analytics, data science program development, algorithm selection and development practices, and training and education.



Tim leads Capice engineering, and has been a senior engineer at multi-billion dollar companies. Tim specializes in designing, building and implementing cloud-native architectures utilizing Kubernetes and related technologies, to achieve scalable, available and reliable state-of-the-art systems. He is an active open source advocate, with extensive experience automating and optimizing processes, in order to build robust CICD solutions to achieve 0 down time.