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The new  interview with Gordon McDonald “Using Deep Learning to Help Small Businesses (and Combat COVID-19)”
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Analytics Insight Top 20 for 2020  — Capice specializes in very easy-to-use, web-based AI Deep Learning analytics, all in one place. Every possible deep learning capability a business could want, the company has left nothing out! There is nothing like the Capice’s team or platform in the market.
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On the heels of a ‘Call to Action’ From the White House to artificial intelligence experts to mine all available research data on the novel Coronavirus- now a global pandemic- Florida-based Capice is offering medical researchers free access to the company’s robust deep learning platform. The AI Startup’s CEO wants to help the AI community find insights in the troves of available data about the disease; insights that may help doctors and governments worldwide slow the COVID-19’s growth and save lives.
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Capice has run the COVID-19 CT scan data set though our AI Deep Learning platform.  The data set shows patients with and with out COVID-19.  The platform has massive capacity: it generated the model in 6 minutes, created 10 million nodes and achieved 98% accuracy on the training set and 85% accuracy on the validation set.  This for a relatively small set of 746 CT scans.  In addition, we published this model for instant, world wide use.  Once you register and log in and look at “Shared Models” section.  You can use the CT scan model right now.

Using Deep Learning to Help Small Businesses (and Combat COVID-19)

  • article April 2020
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While humans continue generating mind-boggling amounts of data (2.5 quintillion bytes each day), companies generating much of that data struggle to find software experts and the big budgets they believe are needed to help them analyze their data and remain competitive. But one startup launching at AI World in Boston this week says businesses don’t need experts to put their data to work. All they need is an easy-to-use platform for as little as $199 bucks per month.

As thousands of CEO’s, CTO’s and CIO’s descend on Boston this week for AI World 2019, the world’s largest artificial intelligence tradeshow, many will have one question as they navigate through the complex landscape of AI business solutions – how much will it cost?

The founders of Capice, a Spring Hill, TN team of data scientists exhibiting at AI World have a surprising answer – $199/Month.

Using the Boston tradeshow to launch their company, Capice will debut its patented process and shared neural network to help businesses affordably organize their data to learn predictive capabilities about customers, products, and business practices and do so without hiring their own software experts. Capice founders know companies of all sizes and in every industry now generate huge amounts of data and they’re all looking for the cheapest solution to put their data to work.

At $499/month, Capice unveils the easiest and most affordable “plug and play” machine learning platform to help businesses put their data to work

“With our platform, there is no need for expensive data scientists, software developers, or machine learning experts,” said Gordon McDonald, CEO and founder of Capice. “We started our company to help every business manager – even those with no coding skills – load their data int a neural network and easily generate their own machine learning models for image, audio, linear regression, text, etc. We set out to make it easy for businesses to make intelligent decisions about their data and make their businesses more efficient and more profitable.” Among the challenges business owners can resolve be analyzing their data through the Capice machine learning platform:

  • Call center managers can more fully understand customer sentiment
  • HR divisions can predict the likelihood of critical employees leaving the organization
  • Medical and health services providers with large amounts of patient data can perform ‘what-if’ predictions to identify patients that are most likely to respond to specific medications
  • Security companies can quickly leverage the platform to quantify visuals and sounds captured by their cameras and other surveillance technology, improving the warning system in their technology.

To underscore the simple ‘Plug & Play’ functionality of the platform, Capice promises that businesses using the platform will be up and running with machine learning models within 15 minutes after uploading their data.

Why are businesses excited about a cheap machine learning platform? Machine Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that helps businesses analyze reams of complex data to uncover hidden patterns, reveal market trends, and identify customer preferences. By automating analytical model building, the insight gained is deeper and derived at a pace and scale that human analysts can’t match.

To demonstrate the simplicity and ease of use of its platform, Capice plans to launch “Capice Nature” an app for Apple iPhone users. One of the app’s applications will help dog owners use their smartphone cameras to capture an image of their dog and automatically identify its breed(s). Another application will help hikers capture a picture of suspected poisonous plants and “Capice Nature” will confirm if it is Poison Oak or Poison Ivy. The app will be available for just $0.99 and will continue to offer additional detectors in the future.

At AI World 2019, business leaders and journalists with no software expertise are encouraged to visit the Capice booth #7 where they can see the company’s patented platform “in action” and learn how their company can benefit from Machine Learning simply, easily, and quickly with no technical knowledge required.

“Our slogan – machine learning for everyone – is our business model,” exclaimed Kee. “I believe we’re approaching a tipping point in AI and machine learning. By simplifying the ML process in a shared platform and by allowing business managers to gain intelligence from ML with no software expertise, we plan to help businesses of all sizes put their data to work and get smarter as a result.”