The Capice platform enables teams with no software expertise to use AI to solve their business problems and improve efficiency. 

Within minutes ! 

We have made the Capice platform that easy to use and that fast.

Our team of AI experts is on a mission in 2020 to help companies of all sizes put their data to work through the most affordable, easy-to-use and scalable AI deep learning platform available. 

We have every AI model a business could need: Image, video, audio, streaming audio, text, documents, spreadsheet classification, spreadsheet prediction, binary classification.

Every model is tailored to your business process using your training data.


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Deep Learning de-mystified – in 60 seconds.

How to use it in your business and how deep learning works.  Watch this video ….

No downloads, no special skills.  Get AI enabled in minutes!

  • No statistics, programming, deep learning AI knowledge, or really much of any technical knowledge at all is required.

Most Innovative Leader in AI & Machine Learning 2020 – Florida

Eliminate those long AI implementation times !

  • Seconds to register

  • Minutes to train models

  • Seconds later your models are ready to use

Hours, days, or months of implementations are so yesterday

Capice gets you going in minutes with over the top accuracy!

Just add data!

Focus on your business and software applications, leave the Deep learning AI details to us.

Data Classification

This handles the question of “what is this?”, our system is capable of handling all sorts of inputs


This handles the question “what is the likely outcome?” Provide all kinds of data about pasts events and their result, then predict the result of a new set of data

For Everyone

From ideas, to startups, businesses or resellers. Our point-and-click solution is simple and affordable for everyone.

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You’ll be running in minutes. Register and start right away with the 30 day free trial. No strings attached and you can use all of our deep learning AI capabilties and the APIs.

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What can Capice classify?

Our system is ready for a wide variety of inputs. For example: analyze the facial expressions in an image, identify where a sound comes from or detect hints of a potential customer by how a text is written.

You can also feed robust data for greater analysis, so you could predict the price of a house given several factors using Linear Regression or create a Chain reporting a whole set of result, for example: this is an animal > this is a North American pet > this is a dog > this is a German Shepherd.

We call all this “Training Data” and is everything you’ll need to input, we will take it from there.

Our goal

We want to be an easy to use deep learning AI for every one and every business.

Capice is here to help you solve your business problems and quickly power up machine learning for you or your company. We give you a simple key to a powerful piece of software.

You will be up and running in less than 15 minutes. In addition we have a community of users that share their models, share data and reccommend new data for your own models.


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